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Basic Management Philosophy

Customer Oriented
We regard the company as a process of “customer value creation” and pursue customer satisfaction.
Proprietary ability
We aim to realize value through our own proprietary perspectives, ideas and methods.
We value an environment where employees can increase their autonomy and creativity and think freely and engage in free dialogue.
Harmony with society
We aim to contribute to society and harmonize with social values.

Our Aspiration

Our company prioritizes safety, health, environmental disaster prevention, and compliance to achieve sustainability and Win-Win relationships with customers, suppliers, and other stakeholders.

We will support the realization of inexpensive and stable procurement of silica sand and quartz products with our outstanding expertise and knowledge, and will continue to exist as a company that is indispensable to our resource procurement strategy that contributes to maintaining the absolute competitiveness of our customers.

We have secured multiple in-house resources for silica sand and quartz raw materials, and will continue to be an absolute presence as a main supplier to our customers.

We will continue to refine our outstanding expertise and knowledge in operations such as exploration and evaluation of natural resources, beneficiation, grinding, classification, transportation, and analysis, and engineering such as process plant design and operation support, to deliver value to our customers.

The AGC Group’s sustainability

The AGC Group’s sustainability

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