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CEO’s Message

AGC Mineral Co., Ltd President & CEO
Naoya Nishida

With “raw material procurement/development purchasing functions /connecting / technical capabilities”
We aim to be a company that able to provide continuous value to customers.

Thank you for visiting the AGC Minerals website.
From April 1, 2023, Tokai Kogyo Co., Ltd. changed its name to AGC Mineral Co., Ltd. and marking a new start.

Our company was founded in 1938 in Ugusu Village, Shizuoka Prefecture (currently Nishiizu Town) as the first wholly-owned subsidiary of Asahi Glass Co., Ltd. (at that time) with the aim of achieving self-sufficiency in silica sand(raw material of sheet glass) domesticaly. In more than 85 years since then, we have continued to grow to this day by providing a wide range of domestic and overseas resources, mainly silica sand and quartz, not only to the AGC Group but also to a wide range of industries.

Our business is not limited to the mere sale of raw materials. We are engaged in “exploration, development and evaluation of mineral resources”, “engineering capabilities for processing processes such as crushing, classification, and ore dressing”, and “production of silica sand and silica stone”. We have developed our business in East Asia, Southeast Asia, and Oceania regions, including subsidiaries in Japan and Taiwan, by making full use of our technical capabilities such as operational optimization know-how.
In terms of logistics, we also have the ability to build a supply chain that can meet various needs, from the delivery of a single paper bag by land transportation to bulk transportation by large cargo ships.

Our main business for the AGC Group is to supply silica sand and other raw materials that used for glass products that produced by the AGC Group, such as Architectural Glass, automotive glass, and display glass. We manufacture silica sand for various purposes from our domestic and overseas resource networks and supply it to each base of the global AGC Group.
Utilizing the functions refined by these achievements, we are also providing technical services such as quality control and evaluation of raw material sources other than silica sand in Japan and overseas.
We also develop and sell silica sand, quartz, and other raw materials that used for various industry.( Construction/Environment/Sport utility/etc)

We, AGC Mineral, will continue to refine and improve these “raw material procurement/development/purchasing functions” and “connecting power/technical capabilities” that we have cultivated so far, in order to pursue our vision.
We will continue to place top priority on health and safety, environmental disaster prevention, and compliance. As a member of the AGC Group, we aim to continue to be a company that responds to various customer needs and is indispensable for resource procurement strategies.